Optimizing project time is integral – but let’s be honest, it’s not so fun. Reltiva’s automated workflows allow you to eliminate the risk of inaccuracy that comes with manually entering data. Support your staff with fully customizable timesheets that protect project privacy.

Automate your workflows

Everyone works differently. Helping your staff to maintain a healthy work well being is made easy with Timesheet Management. Removing the pressure of completing monotonous manual tasks will help your employees get the most out of their day-to-day.

Support your project team by removing the pressure of completing manual tasks. With AI-driven timesheets, you can expect data accuracy every time, and prevent numerical inconsistencies. Reltiva Timesheet Management is an intuitive interface which easily tracks project time – empowering your staff with automated and intelligent workflows. 

What are the benefits?


Our customizable platform prevents errors by letting you manage who can edit and export projects and project details


Delegate with ease by auto-assigning relevant tasks to the correct staff member, assisting them to manage a relevant workload


Keep project managers and clients informed of project timelines and remove manual timesheet approvals


Enable checks and validation for accuracy with rule based engine of every submitted timesheet

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What are some timesheet management best practices?

A timesheet management should provide easy ways to capture the time related to the project and activities to which the person is assigned. It should also provide controls that will enable users to capture the correct data in less amount of time. A notification system that enables project team to enter time promptly without forcing them. A workflow that provides visibility to the project manager and client manager on the project burn rate.

Who manages timesheets?

Project team members are responsible for entering time and managing their own project related timesheets. Project Managers are able to coordinate the tasks within each timesheet to suit the roles of their staff for the project. With an automated system, they can instantly schedule and track each phase of the project.

Why is timesheet management important?

We all know doing timesheets is a cumbersome and least interesting task.  But capturing time for the work performed promptly will help to track time spent on a  project task in turn it improves cash-flow for the organization.  For project team it means salaries are paid on-time.

What are the advantages of timesheet management?

Timesheet management improves project management by measuring the amount of time spend on a specific task and project.  It helps with calculating project burn rate and improves project efficiency. Makes resource management easy and avoids overloading a resource to various projects. Above all helps with accurately and promptly billing the client, which in turn improves cash-flow for the company.