Expense management

Be empowered by fully compliant expense management. Oversee all your project spending in one place –  capture and submit billable expenses to significantly improve project accounting accuracy.

Managing expenses doesn’t have to be difficult

Unmanaged billable project expenses can have impact on profitability and unhappy customers. Throughout the Pandemic, successfully generating and conserving cash has become important for any organization survival and growth.

Reltiva Expense Management captures project-related and other business expenses in one place. Capture your project related expenses and submit through a pre-defined workflow for project manager approval before invoicing the customer. Improve project acccounting and enforce compliance with real-time project expense management. Improve your budgeting decisions and save everyone time by streamlining the expense reporting process.

What are the benefits?


Our customizable platform prevents errors by letting you manage who can submit project related expenses


Improve project accounting accuracy by being compliant with the customer contract and purchase order


Keep project managers and client informed of project expenses and capture timely approvals


Reduce data-entry errors and capture expense receipt images with rules-based checks and validation for accuracy

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What are some expense management best practices?

Using a singular, AI-powered expense management platform can help you consolidate your expenses into one place, so that they are easily reachable and can be organized and labelled by project or client.

Ensuring your expenses are able to be adapted to multiple currencies is integral to succeeding on a global scale. Additionally, a clearly defined expense policy by project as per client requirements enables control on what is spent for the project and make project managers of the project accountable.

What are some challenges related to expense management?

Some of the challenges in expense management are as follows:
1. Manual and inefficient process leads to mistakes in submitting project related expenses to the customers.
2. Poor visibility and lack of control on what is being spent for the project.
4. Inaccurate or delayed payment processing to employees leads to frustrated employees/consultants.

How does expense management work?

Reltiva expense management provides an intuitive interface to capture project expenses that are billable to the clients along with receipts as per the client expense policy.  In addition, the workflow provide ability for project manager and client to review the expenses before being finalized.  The users can separate their billable and non-billable expenses to help with business spend management.