Order Management

Different pricing requirements, compliance hurdles, and touchpoint overload? Not a problem – Reltiva Order Management can elevate any system from functioning to flourishing, saving you time.

Say ‘Bye Bye’ to the Finance Blues!

Relying on multiple platforms to manage your contracts and purchase orders is sure to result in an administrative headache. With Reltiva’s customizable Order Management system, you can capture and manage contracts and purchase orders, all in one place. And because we prioritize convenience, our software is user-friendly and automates those pesky manual tasks.

What are the benefits?


Save time by auto-linking client contracts with the appropriate purchase orders


Full insights into all your client relationships and projects, so you can adapt as the customer moves


Recognize and respond to any financial red flags in your client POs automatically


Provide your sales, project and finance teams with accurate data – significantly boosting your sales rates

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What is order management?

Order management is the process of receiving, processing, managing, and completing the customer orders. This includes capture of key contract data from the SOW and purchase orders provided by the customer for a given project. The steps in order management enables full understanding of customer requests for a given project.

What are some of the challenges of an order management system?

Some of the challenges of order management in professional services are as follows:
1. Not meeting client terms and conditions
2. Not knowing how much money is left in the purchase order before billing
3. Not knowing when a contract or a purchase order expires
4. Payment delays due to submission of invoices with a missing or wrong purchase orders

What is the importance of order management?

Order management dictates: how much cash flow your business generates, the loyalty of your customers and the likelihood of credit risk. As these are the basic components of a business, getting them to operate at their best will transform your business into a consistent success. Most of all, you will have financial growth and stability, as well as operational reliability

How does Reltiva order management work?

Reltiva order management provides interface to collect the statement of work contract terms and conditions of the project along with purchase orders issued by the clients.   All aspects of the purchase order such as services, material and project expenses are captured to help process the order efficiently by delivering project as per the contract and purchase order requirements.