With Reltiva O2C platform, get better insight into business in real-time to achieve improved cash flow, profitability and better customer service.

Unlock your Cash Flow

The average DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) for a service company is around 61 days. For CFOs, submitting error-free invoices to its customers, be compliant with contracts/sales order, and maintain the terms and condition are key to consistent cash flow. With the expertise of Reltiva, CFOs can work with sales and project teams to accurately predict profit, invoice customers promptly and review customer creditworthiness.

The economic ramifications of the pandemic mean that CFOs are looking for additional support in O2C services to boost consistent cash flow. With Reltiva’s automated O2C system, CFOs can access accurate PO and project data, establish visibility for all departments and send out timely invoices (digitally or via mail) – altogether reducing the DSO, increasing long-term customer loyalty and profit.

How can Reltiva solution make CFOs successful


Lower Cost: The end-to-end automated Reltiva O2C solution and its easy to use features improves staff efficiency and productivity by reducing errors and automating mundane tasks. Reduced errors improved operational efficiency and staff productivity helps reduce cost. Also, being a SaaS solution, all technology and maintenance costs are absorbed by Reltiva.


End-to-End Visibility: Reltiva O2C solution role based access, sharing features, reporting and analytics provides end-to-end visibility of the O2C components. Comprehensive reporting and analytics helps CFO to know the status of the cash flow at all times and keep a tab on potential bad debts.


Future-Proof: Coming out of the pandemic, an end-to-end system that accelerates consistent cash flow and provides real-time data updates is a transformative tool for CFOs to achieve financial stability.


Reduce Leakage: Errors and misrepresentation of data cause revenue and profit leakage. Reltiva O2C solution configuration and rules monitors various situations such as unauthorized deductions, unapproved billable hours/expenses, non-payment, etc. CFOs can review the information being submitted in real-time as well as generate reminders and reports to manage disputes with customers.


Global Compliance: Being compliant with executed contract with the customers as well as with local government from tax perspective is very important. With multicurrency, multilocation and tax configuration feature, CFOs can ensure that the organization is always compliant.


Cycle Times: Reltiva’s seamless workflow can capture approvals of project deliverables and reduce manual tasks. Reltiva‚Äôs adapters (integrations) for enterprise and cloud systems eliminates delays and provides features to automatically match items based on configuration rules such as reconciliation of payment with invoices. Reduction of cycle times in O2C enables faster payment from customers thus reducing the DSO.

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