Billing Managers

Bill accurately every time and prevent lengthy payment delays with Reltiva O2C platform.

Prompt and Accurate Invoicing

Using an automated invoicing system, billing managers are empowered with the reliability of prompt and accurate invoicing. Additionally, real-time O2C progress reports provide billing managers with automatic insight into customer PO. This ensures that the invoices are submitted again right customer PO as well as the customer PO balance. The goal is to collaborate with the internal teams and have clear communication with customers to avoid delays and disputes.

Billing managers can collaborate on sales and project delivery teams with ease, by quickly organizing their data by project to enable accurate and efficient billing process. Additionally, Reltiva’s O2C solution employs automation to assist billing managers in providing insights to customer contracts, purchase order, project information and client approved project deliverables to manage collections and payment information faster with consistent accuracy.

How can Reltiva solution make Billing Managers successful


Automation and Global Support: With billing ability for multi-location/multiple currencies projects, invoicing support and real-time progress updates, billing managers can adapt to a growing customer base. Whether customers are global or local, invoicing will be completed promptly and accurately.


Integrations: Rules based interfaces with enterprise and cloud systems enable billing managers to automate, review and finalize reconciliation. Keep track of customer contract and purchase order updates in real-time and provide error invoices to customers.


Reducing DSO: With automation and flexible invoicing functions, billing managers can ensure that customers are billed on time and there are no duplicate entries of invoice or errors. Billing managers can play an important role in maintaining consistent cash flow and reduce the DSO.


Collaboration: With role based and secure access to the same data in the system, all parties in the organization are provided with real-time progress. Any changes to customer purchase orders, contracts, project deliverables or invoices are notified to right team for quick follow-ups, avoid payment delays and handle potential revenue leakage effectively.


Insights: Ensuring that billing managers can get timely updates on client creditworthiness and project delivery statuses allows to keep track of accounts receivables and automatically generate dunning report for customers to get paid faster and avoid bad debts. This enables billing managers to focus on provide personalized support to their customers.

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