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Lengthy approval cycles, error-prone invoices, missed payments and unhappy customers – any of these symptoms sound familiar? If so, you could be coming down with a case of the financial blues. Find your financial fix with Reltiva’s digital-driven, effective and simple order to cash solutions. Click on the icons below and learn more about how Reltiva can support your order-to-cash process.


Guarantee secure financial decisions. Manage your client contracts (SOWs) and purchase orders in the same place for accelerated and reliable delivery processes.


Automated workflows to eliminate the risk of inaccuracy that comes with manually entering data. Support your staff with fully customizable timesheets that protect project privacy.


Be empowered by fully compliant expense management. Oversee all project spending in one place – capture and submit billable expenses to improve project accounting accuracy.


Create globally compliant invoicing with Reltiva’s project-based pricing and multiple currency support. Send error-free digital invoices, internationally and locally, to get paid on time and grow client success stories.


Get proactive insights into company performance – including data on DSO, revenue leakage and profitability – sorted by client and project.

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What is Reltiva order-to-cash platform?

The Reltiva order-to-cash platform enables professional services companies provide all transactions that enable exchange of data with its buyer efficiently.  The goal of the platform is give relevant information regarding the project to all team members at all times.  It also provides best adapters to connect to other organization systems for seamless exchange of data.

What are the functions of Reltiva order-to-cash platform?

Reltiva order-to-cash platform for professional services companies provides functions to manage sales order management, project delivery such as milestone, timesheets & project expenses, invoice and reconciliation of payment receipt.  The platform also provide various reports and KPIs to enable project teams make better decisions.

How does Reltiva order-to-cash work with existing ERP system?

We all know ERP systems are complex to implement and it stores some of key business data that the organization may have reservations using it as a front end for project teams and client managers.  Reltiva order-to-cash is the right solution for you.  You can configure the Reltiva order-to-cash and provide front-end access to all your team members and provide right access to them.  The key data can be integrated with your existing ERP or accounting systems and thus protect your key financial data.

Does the client manager require licenses to approve?

No. Reltiva order-to-cash platform enables external users (like client managers) to approve from the email they receive.  They do not need any access or license to the platform. They will only be allowed to approve the task to which they are assigned.