Analyze and Report

Statistically, speaking! Our Analytics and Reports feature allows you to implement configurable KPIs and understand your business like never before. Optimize your time and energy based on the insights provided by our holistic order-to-cash process.

Effortless Reporting

Owning and operating a business isn’t always linear, and we think you should have the support to pivot when you need too. With Reltiva Analytics and Reporting, you can configure KPIs to suit your goals and the growing status of your business.

Get proactive insights into company performance – including data on DSO, revenue leakage and profitability – sorted by client and project. Configurable KPIs allow you to make smarter decisions, based upon real-time data, that benefit both your company and clients.

What are the benefits?


Customizable dashboards for KPIs to inform thorough and accurate decision-making


Based on customer data, build trust by providing clients with quality service that is tailored to their needs


Deliver projects on time and on budget with the help of predictive analytics


Configure reports which can be scheduled ahead or released at the click of a button

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What is a KPI?

Key performance indicator or KPI is a metric of business performance over time.  A KPI can be developed to target project, resource or financial performance in an organization that can help management make better decisions.

What are some of the most important KPIs in O2C process?

The most important KPIs that can be measured in O2C process are:

  1. Unbilled revenue – This provides information on the project work completed but not billed to the client
  2. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) – DSO measures the account receivables or invoices to be paid by the clients.  It is important that a company maintains a healthy DSO for successful operations.
  3. Invoice generation time – This provides the time and cost of generating an invoice thereby providing the efficiency of the invoicing process.
  4. Invoice error-rates – This provides a measure of errors in invoicing over total invoice for a specific period.  This will be provide insight into what is causing the errors and opportunity to fix the problem.

There are many other project, financial and resource related KPIs can be measured and make necessary decision to improve them.

How and where do I apply my O2C reporting?

Your data and analytics will range from customer-specific experience with your business to possible client credit risks and the progress of invoices. Because these elements combine to form the operational basis of your business, the implementation possibilities are endless: enhance your CRM performance, configure project goals with better insights, share reports with different departments, project team and professionals